Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum does LCS use?

Lighthouse Christian School uses the Abeka Books curriculum for all grades. This curriculum has been proven over the years as one of the premier Christian curriculums for teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Students in elementary school will be immersed in a phonics-based reading and writing program. These students will also learn foundational math skills and engage in social studies and science concepts as well. Students who participate in this program will emerge as strong readers which will greatly impact the rest of their education.

Students in junior high and high school will continue building on the foundation laid in elementary school. They will be exposed to higher levels of math and science. Their English skills will be enhanced and developed to prepare them for post high school settings. The social studies they will receive will cover from the foundation of the world to the current era.

Are the teachers trained?

Each classroom is equipped with a professionally trained teacher to answer the students’ questions and help with new material if needed. It is our desire to have teachers certified in the necessary skills to teach their respective grades.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Lighthouse Christian school uses uniforms to help create a structured and efficient learning environment as well as to promote modesty. LCS uses the uniform provider French Toast©. We have done our best to search for the best prices and keep them reasonable. For more information, log on to and type in the source code: QS5PKLH. If you have any additional questions, please contact the school office.

Will my child have time to socialize?

Students are encouraged to socialize throughout the day. For elementary students, time spent at recess and lunch should be used to strengthen relationships with other students. In junior high and high school, class time participation is one aspect to grow relationships with peers. Break times, class projects, and even extracurricular activities are all ways every student at LCS can build strong, enduring, Christian relationships.

Is there transportation available for my child?

The following local school districts are required to provide transportation to Lighthouse Christian School: Central, Dallastown, Dover, Northern, Northeastern, Spring Grove, and West York. If you live in Dover and are interested in taking advantage of this system, please stop by the school office to fill out a Dover School District Transportation Request Form. If you live in one of the other above-mentioned districts, please contact your school district for transportation information.

What if I have to work late or bring my child early to school?

Lighthouse Christian School provides before and after school care for your child. This service is for parents who begin work prior to the school’s starting time or work late and have no other means of transportation for their child. “Before School Care” begins at 7:30 AM each day and “After School Care” ends at 4:30 PM each day. Students arriving within thirty minutes prior to the school’s start time or leaving within fifteen minutes after school dismissal will not be charged for the service. During this time, students will work on homework, read, play quiet games, and other activities. Please fill out an extended care form in the school office for each child that needs this service. LCS charges $3 per hour per child until 4:30pm. After 4:30, it becomes $10 per hour. For example, if a child needs to stay for an hour before school and an hour after school, it would be just $6 for the day.