K5-12th Grade Student

$325 per month

Individualized Curriculum for 2-12

$350 Book Fee + $80 Senior Grad Fee

No Other Surprise Fees!!!

CLICK HERE for a breakdown of all school fees and tuition costs.

Lighthouse Christian School is committed to provide a quality, Christian education for your child at an affordable price. The following policies have been established to avoid misunderstanding:

Due to limited enrollment, a $50 non-refundable registration fee is due with each student’s application to hold the child’s place in the school. Upon acceptance, the $50 will be credited toward your first month’s tuition payment. If for some reason the school denies your child for admission, the $50 will be refunded to you.

$350 non-refundable book fee for each K5-12th grade student is due along with the first tuition installment. This fee can also be paid along with the ten tuition installments at $35 per installment. This fee covers the cost of all the curriculum your child needs for a year’s work, materials, and an annual standardized test. The Kindergarten book fee is $350, which includes graduation costs.

If at some point during the school year a student, whose book fee is paid in full, must withdraw from LCS for financial or any other reason, he may retain all of his incomplete, prescribed curriculum PACEs and continue his schooling at home. Parents will receive a prorated reimbursement for tuition.

The total tuition cost for full-day Kindergarten and grades 1-12, excluding the previously listed fees, is $3,200 for the school year if paid in one installment. For your convenience, this cost can be broken down and paid in two installments of $1,600 or ten monthly installments of $325.

There is a substantial discount available for multiple children in the same family enrolled at LCS. Lighthouse Christian School uses the following discount rate: 2nd child – 20%, 3rd child – 40%, 4th child – 60%, 5th child – 80%, 6th+ child(ren) – Free. The $350 non-refundable book fee still applies to each child.

All tuition installments are to be paid by the fifteenth of each month. The first tuition/book fee installment is due no later than August 15th. The final tuition/book fee installment is due no later than May 15th (for 10 month plan). Payments received after the 20th of the month will incur a $10 late fee. If a payment is not fulfilled by the 20th of the following month, the school office will contact you to discuss your situation.

Summer school is available for those students who need additional instruction to achieve their appropriate grade level. Please contact the school office for more information and pricing.

Limited scholarship funds may be available for those who qualify. Pick up an application in the school office.