Mission Statement

Lighthouse Christian School was founded to be a safe haven for all those seeking educational excellence and freedom from the world’s way of thinking. Lighthouse Christian School, as a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Greater York, believes it to be the right and privilege of the church to provide educational services to its members and others of like faith and practice, specifically, the Christian and academic education of Pre-K4 through twelfth grade. Therefore, Lighthouse Christian School shall exist:

  1. For the glory of God
  2. For the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  3. To encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  4. To build godly character
  5. To aid the parent/guardian in the godly instruction of their children
  6. To provide a safe, Christian environment (physically, morally, and spiritually) as a haven in which children and young adults can receive a well-rounded, spiritual and academic education that prepares them to lead godly lives and to be profitable and beneficial contributors to society – spiritually, morally, and financially
  7. As a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Greater York